Backup/Restore not functioning properly


Currently having an issue with Restore/Backup function. Specs are as follows:

Clean install of AsteriskNOW 2.0.2 (32bit), no extensions or any changes to configuration. Backup/Restore module version:, FreePBX version: 2.10.

During a backup, I receive the following errors in error_log (httpd log file):
Call to undefined function fpbx_ami_update() in /var/www/html/admin/modules/backup/ on line 668

Steps to reproduce:
-Create backup job called ‘now’, I use the full backup template, and manually run the job after it is saved.
-Job completed successfully.
-Attempt to restore using the full backup template results in a white screen with the above mentioned error message in the error_log file.

I also noticed during the restore, any files that exist results in a “access denied” error when attempting to overwrite the file I assume. You can see these errors in the error_log file as well.

I reformatted and reinstalled AsteriskNOW twice with the same results. Not sure if this is a distro issue or a FreePBX issue.

Any assistance would be appreciated.


Which distro is considered a ‘real’ freepbx distro?

The only one that carries the FreePBX name and is downloaded from the site. Click download link for different versions.

It is neither a FreePBX Distro issue or a FreePBX issue. It is a AsteriskNOW issue. AsteriskNOW is a very poor implementation of the FreePBX GUI. You will be better off installing a real FreePBX Distro.