Backup/restore issues

I have a system that I’ve been using to test with for almost a year. Everything was working correctly and we are planning to move off of our primary Cisco system and onto the new FreePBX system. We are waiting on numbers to be ported so I thought I’d take advantage of the time by Installing a fresh system from scratch while it’s not in production. I’ve added, removed, changed, etc as we were testing and I didn’t want anything causing problems down the road.

So, I did a full backup, exported all extensions and DIDs with the bulk modules, and exported my EPM templates. Installed/updated FreePBX 5.211.65-16 and moved commercial module licensing over. Restored from backup (system that I created backup on was FreePBX 5.211.65-15). Backup appeared to work, all settings appeared to be correct, but nothing was working. Started troubleshooting and there were no SIP related commands available in the Asterisk CLI. I don’t remember the exact message but something along the lines of unknown command. It was like SIP itself and any related commands didn’t exist. Googled for a while but didn’t find anything that helped. Blew away, rebuilt and restored again - same issue.

Since I’d also exported extensions, DIDs, and EPM templates, I decided to install again, import those and just do the rest by hand. Installed/updated again. Nothing imports! When importing bulk extensions, I get -
“Row 1: Headers parsed.” and that’s it. No extensions. When I try to import the EPM templates, I select the file to import - submit query - and the page refreshes but nothing happens.

I don’t know exactly where I should be looking for more information but I get no other errors in the FreePBX interface, see nothing related in the Asterisk CLI, FreePBX or full logs. Anyone have an idea of what I’m missing or doing wrong?

I will be imaging all FreePBX systems going forward after they are configured but I’m also looking for better ideas on regular backups.



We use the backup and restore module weekly for customers and rarely have issues. You do not need to use export of anything since the backup module will have everything you need.

Thanks for the reply, Tony. But, it is not working for me. Not sure if I did something wrong on the original backup - I chose the full and system audio templates. Looks like the backup was successful. Attempted to restore multiple times. The restore “appears” to work. But, no SIP after restore. I can run SIP commands within the CLI before restore - nothing after. Not sure what causes that but it happens every time. Not sure where to troubleshoot. I thought I’d save myself time and grief by just re-installing and using the bulk ext, DID, and EPM imports. Those aren’t working either.

As of now, I have a backup created with the FreePBX backup/restore module, bulk exports of extensions, DIDs, and EPM template exports. The original system is gone. Any ideas on moving forward outside of manually configuring everything again?


More information on my restore-

Originally, when I was restoring, I just selected everything on the restore page. That is when SIP stops working. After posting this morning, I just selected the “PBX Settings” check box. Restore completed. Again, everything looks to be restored. But, when I click “Apply Config”, I get “reload failed because retrieve_conf encountered an error: 1”. Browsing around, it looks like everything is there - extensions, trunks, etc. But I can’t apply config.

Here are the error details-

exit: 1
found language dir en_UK for pagingpro, not installed on system, skipping
found language dir en_UK for broadcast, not installed on system, skipping
found language dir fr for directory, not installed on system, skipping
[FATAL] died in splice macro-user-callerid s

Trace Back:

/var/www/html/admin/libraries/extensions.class.php:183 die_freepbx()
[0]: died in splice macro-user-callerid s

/var/www/html/admin/modules/campon/ extensions->splice()
[0]: macro-user-callerid
[1]: s
[2]: report

/var/lib/asterisk/bin/retrieve_conf:725 campon_hookGet_config()
[0]: asterisk

Then it shouldn’t be anything to do with FreePBX or its backups. What happens if you do module load in Asterisk CLI?

I thought so also but I can reproduce it every time. If you try to load the module, you get a “module not found” message. Not really knowing how/why this is occurring, and having already exported my extensions, DIDs and EPM templates, this is when I decided to just reinstall and import those. Now I am stuck at figuring out what is happening with either the backup/restore, or why the exported extensions/etc are not importing, or just redoing everything by hand.

I’ve got 2 issues - 1. getting my configuration running again with one of the above 3 options and, 2. I’m concerned on how to backup moving forward since I’ve not been able to successfully restore the backup I have.


Are you going between 32 and 64 bit systems? If you are the backup system needs a little help.

If you are going from 32 to 64 edit /etc/asterisk/asterisk.conf and change the line to /var/lib/asterisk to /var/lib64/asterisk

Reverse procedure to go from 64 to 32

Once file is edited and saved simply run ‘service asterisk restart’ and all module should be back (do a module show from Asterisk to confirm)