Backup - Restore Issue


I am in the process of migrating our old Trixbox setup to a new server running FreePBX distro. Both versions of FreePBX have been upgraded to FreePBX

On the old server I have selected a full backup to local storage. Once the backup has run I have copied the file to the new server via SSH to /var/spool/asterisk/backup/ once copied I have gone to the new servers restore page and chosen the backup file to restore to. I am doing it this way as simply selecting the file and uploading doesn’t work either.

After selecting the browser window doesn’t show any errors but simply shows the following with no page formatting after running for around 2 seconds:


Legacy Backup (local)
Local Storage (local)

If anyone could shed any light as to what I’m doing wrong I would be most appreciate.



check the permissions on the tarball to be restored

Thanks for your reply, I’ve just changed the tarball to 777 but it’s still doing the same thing.

Then extract the content manually if there is any. midnight commander might help you here. Trixbox is dead and there is no support here.

Thanks for the reply, I’m guessing I can’t just extract as the SQL files will need to be run etc? Does anyone know if you can run something from the command line to process the restore file on the new server? That way at least I can see any errors which are causing the restore to break.

The .sql files just need to be “run” into mysql:-

mysql -ppassword -u user < thefile.sql

the configurations, voicemails and recording can just be extracted to the relevant places. The configuration similarly, the asterisk database similarly to the mysql stuff but using sqlite or just replace your /var/lib/asterisk/astdb depending on the version of asterisk you are using and what is in the tarball.

Thanks, I’ve just noticed if I create a backup of just the config and CDR I am able to restore. Could it be something to do with the file size? The full backup is coming in at around 350MB and just the CDR and config around the 100MB mark.

I regularly backup systems where the full tarball is > 1.5 Gb, restoring to a dummy machine for peace of mind does not fail.

But these machines also do a reduced backup without vms or recordings on a daily basis, the ephemeral stuff like voicemails and recordings are handled outside with rsync on a more timely fashion. I am used to as they they say in England “Belt and braces”, the more backups and the more locations the better.