Backup/restore for migrating to Distro from standalone 13.0.187 install

I gave this a trial run today to see if we could easily pull it off, and the results weren’t too promising. Using the full, CDR, system audio, and VM backup templates, I restored to the Distro in a VM and was thrilled to see everything looking nearly identical to our CentOS-based setup. Then I tried connecting one endpoint to the VM, and it absolutely refuses to go.

VM networking is bridged, and I can connect to the Distro GUI via my browser with the same IP as before, just endpoints won’t connect.

I can’t help but think that a full backup broke the Distro, given the differences between it and a standalone setup.

Am I correct in this? Suggestions?

The debug steps for the stand-alone system are the same as they would be in the distro. The first place I’d look is probably in /var/log/asterisk/full. From there, I expect you’ll find a message telling you why your connections from the phones are failing.

If you don’t, look at the firewall. You may need to tune up the “serverwall” that is installed with the Distro to allow for incoming SIP from the local network.