BACKUP/RESTORE between versions

I understand this is not approved.

FreePBX Version is the same between source and target
Asterisk version is on the source and on the target.

The source version is from a stock FreePBX iso.
The target version is from the 0.22 iso that Astercc distributes.
I used the Freepbx 2.10 tool to upgrade it’s framework to

My client is wanting to use the features of astercc without having to recreate
all of the infrastructure we have built up.

As of now when I try and restore to the system via web upload I get “error verifying uploaded file”

when I try and restore to the system via select ftp server to restore from I get “invalid backup for or undefined error”

How best to get everyone to get along?
Do I need to upgrade incrementally, and if so where do I find the proper procedure?

I don’t really understand your question nor have I ever heard of astercc. Just jumped over to their web site, looks like they are busy folks.

Anyway the FreePBX versions have to match. If astercc has changed locations and DB schema then all bets are off.

Freepbx versions do match, but the underlying Asterisk versions differ.
I thought I was pretty clear. Sorry for the confusion.

No matter. It turns out Astercc only requires an AMI connection.
FreePBX 2.9 comes bundled with their open source project, which I used the 2.10 tool to update FreePBX to 2.10.1.

I no longer need to know how to incrementally update asterisk or if asterisk could be updated directly to Ver., if the Versions of FreePBX were the same. I am not 100% sure if astercc changed anything from the stock FreePBX, which of course could cripple the Backup/Restore feature of FreePBX.

It occurs to me someone may want to know that answer in the future.

I assume AsterCC users would want to know!

Anyway, Astersk version doesn’t make any difference with FreePBX backup and restore. Only the FreePBX.

I do not know how much more time I can pursue this mystery.

I created a one line text file on the source server. (our production freepbx)
Using Backup/restore I backed up to an FTP server.

On the Astercc server I tried restoring that single file using the web interface and I got the following output:
“Error verifying uploaded file!”

No problem restoring back to the original server or his redundant twin.