Backup/Restore and a move from AsteriskNow to FreePBX Distro

I was curious about something, so figured I would just toss this out, and see what I got back.

I have a PBX running that started from an AsteriskNow release, it’s currently running with Asterisk 1.8.19, and is up to the current FreePBX release. I want to move this all over to a replacement server, and I am wondering if I do a FreePBX full backup, can I then load FreePBX Distro 2.x with the current FPBX 2.10 code on the new machine, and restore my configs back into the PBX, or is the only option a fresh hand typed config, unless I use AsteriskNow at the start??

No, that will work fine.

I tried it, and for the most part it seemed to work, but stuff like the CDR info seemed broken after the restore. Sure something that could be tracked down, but it seems like it 98% worked with a few issues, but overall it worked…