Backup question

I’m curious why when i restore a “Full backup” backup that there are other backups still remaining on the server that were made “AFTER” that time.

Surely the point of a “FULL BACKUP” is to restore everything to a point and time previous.

What else doesnt get backed up/changed in a “Full backup” template?

Where can i read about the backup code?

I’ve also jsut noticed so thought i would document this that it doesnt delete endpoint files/firmware either.

Is there a better way to backup than using the FreePBX backup software?

It all depends on your setup. The templates provide a general path or guideline. For example FreePBX does not include the tftp directory since that is outside of normal FreePBX. You would need to include that directory. That is why the module was built to be very flexible. Heck other modules like End Point can now hook into the backup module and provide their own template.

Is there a list of the templates available? have the endpoint guys been briefed on whats required to do this or do they see it as "not their area of responsibility?

Just wonder if there is a better choice of words for the template rather than “Full backup”

Also not to ignore but is there a better “Iron level” backup solution to copy the entire drive status that you would reccomend?

No they have not as we just added the hooks in the past few days. Once we know it is working I will talk with Andrew on how to hook his EPM module to provide a template.

The Full backup is just backup configs. For example if you also want voicemails your would drag the full backup template and than drag the voicemail template. You combine all the templates you want into the backup to build the style of backup you want.

have there been any bounties created for a more comprehensive “bare metal” backup app?

i noticed you dont have a bounty Forum Topic like they did at Trixbox/[email protected], is there a reason for this?

is this soemthing that has been talked about being implemented previously?