Backup not deleting older backups beyond set number of backups on FTP server

Backups are set to delete prior backups after 2 runs. This is not happening. Instead the number of backups on the FTP server only increases.

This behavior occurs even when the ‘0’ is deleted in the Delete after 'minutes/hours/days/months… ’ field, and set with save/run. The ‘0’ is added back to the ‘minutes/hours/days/months’ field automatically.

What is causing this?
Thank you.

this used to be a problem but was fixed quite some time ago. what version are you running?

Hi Bob,
PBX Version: 10.13.66-13


the issue we had was when using a windows server as the backup host. does the backup show any errors?

Hi Bob,
No errors are reported. Even when backup is run manually via freepbx gui, backup is saved to remote proftpd/freebsd server. Just doesn’t delete previous runs. In this case there should be 2 .tgz files but there are > 20. Tried rm -f *.tgz and let it run again. Several days later, there are 5 .tgz files when there should be 2.


at this point then i would open a ticket with sangoma. i know a while back they made some major improvements to the backup stuff. i gave them access to our windows server to help them debug the issues we were seeing. i am sure they will be glad to help get this sorted out. i suggest using their paid support rather than just submitting it as an issue.