Backup Module & Trunks


I have set up 2 servers with a backup job that mirrors one to the other. My IP phones are set to register to both so if the primary goes offline then the phones switch across automatically - This works a treat!

I also set up an IAX between the 2 servers that covered if the E1 link went down but the server was online. This works fine until the backup module runs and mirrors the config, the IAX link breaks so I am loosing a level of redundancy

Is there a way to ignore trunk config on the backup or a way to restore the settings after a restore?



In 2.10 their is the ability to run post hooks so you could write a script to add them back

Ah, yes, I did notice them, very interesting!

Are these settings in the SQL DB or a conf file somewhere?

I’m a bit of a noob - what would I need to put in the script to roll it back?

Many Thanks