Backup module spams Failure mails


Our backup sends us a failure email every time it is completed. It looks like it fails when making a backup of voicemails :

[2021-12-04 18:28:39] [51afb7b7-9f74-4fb8-9ef6-b6797db1bab8.DEBUG]:         Adding file to tar: files/var/spool/asterisk/voicemail/default/7095/INBOX/msg0005.txt
[2021-12-04 18:28:39] [51afb7b7-9f74-4fb8-9ef6-b6797db1bab8.DEBUG]:         Adding file to tar: files/var/spool/asterisk/voicemail/default/7095/INBOX/msg0006.wav
[2021-12-04 18:28:40] [51afb7b7-9f74-4fb8-9ef6-b6797db1bab8.DEBUG]:         Adding file to tar: files/var/spool/asterisk/voicemail/default/7095/INBOX/msg0006.txt
[2021-12-04 18:28:40] [51afb7b7-9f74-4fb8-9ef6-b6797db1bab8.DEBUG]:         Adding file to tar: files/var/spool/asterisk/voicemail/default/7095/INBOX/msg0007.wav
[2021-12-04 18:28:40] [51afb7b7-9f74-4fb8-9ef6-b6797db1bab8.DEBUG]:         Adding file to tar: files/var/spool/asterisk/voicemail/default/7095/INBOX/msg00
Generated Backup process result email to [EMAILADDRESS]. Status: Failure

But right after that, the logs continue with :

[2021-12-04 18:00:01] [51afb7b7-9f74-4fb8-9ef6-b6797db1bab8.DEBUG]: Running Backup ID: eef6ff27-929e-42a7-9dd1-337ce9c3e73b
[2021-12-04 18:00:01] [51afb7b7-9f74-4fb8-9ef6-b6797db1bab8.DEBUG]: Transaction: 51afb7b7-9f74-4fb8-9ef6-b6797db1bab8
[2021-12-04 18:00:01] [51afb7b7-9f74-4fb8-9ef6-b6797db1bab8.DEBUG]: Starting backup Full_backup
[2021-12-04 18:00:01] [51afb7b7-9f74-4fb8-9ef6-b6797db1bab8.DEBUG]: This backup will be stored locally and is subject to maintenance settings 

Then the logs end with :

[2021-12-04 18:31:27] [51afb7b7-9f74-4fb8-9ef6-b6797db1bab8.INFO]: Saving to selected Filestore locations
[2021-12-04 18:31:29] [51afb7b7-9f74-4fb8-9ef6-b6797db1bab8.DEBUG]: Saving to: Local:'Local Storage' instance ,File location: /var/spool/asterisk/20211204-180001-1638626401-
[2021-12-04 18:31:30] [51afb7b7-9f74-4fb8-9ef6-b6797db1bab8.INFO]: Finished Saving to selected Filestore locations
[2021-12-04 18:31:30] [51afb7b7-9f74-4fb8-9ef6-b6797db1bab8.DEBUG]: Generated Backup process result email to [EMAILADDRESS](mailto:[EMAILADDRESS].). Status: Failure

The backup is in the right place : /var/spool/asterisk/20211204-180001-1638626401-

I can’t see anything wrong with the files in /var/spool/asterisk/voicemail/default/7095/INBOX/ (it always fails at this point)

Neither do I understand why the backup “restarts” after the failure with an earlier time (fails at 18:28:40 restarts at 18:00:01 ???)

The logs in backup.log on the server are different from the one sent by mail : it does not shows the first part (failing the backup of the voicemails)

Can anyone help me understand why this happens and how to fix it ?


Forgot to add the modules versions :

  • backup
  • framework
  • core
  • voicemail

HI @jbaron Could you please share the complete backup log .
if we get any error on any module, backup considered as failure.


Here is the complete log received by mail :

@jbaron I dont see any issue with the backup.log as it does not state any module failure in the log,

Please run the backup from GUI and sent me that log ( GUI log)/ Or copy that log from server

When manually running the backup, there is no error.

Here is the backup_fc66778a-9a44-454b-a603-77c427b29ab2_out.log : link

The backup_fc66778a-9a44-454b-a603-77c427b29ab2_err.log file was empty.

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