Backup module question

Hi guys,

I never used backup module before, I may need to use it now. I have one vm that I’m trying convert to Hyper-V vm. The process works but it complains about devices missing like/dev/sangoma/swap when vm starts.

If I backup and apply it to new system what will happen then?
Like, will I have extensions, IVR etc?

Thank you!!!

What version of FreePBX and what data are you trying to back up?

Also, can you post a screenshot of the error?

The version is I’m trying to copy trunk, extensions, audio and most importantly EPM settings for old IP phones.

I had to delete that converted vm due to space constraints. I think it’s converter software problem not converting whole vm disk but only what used. The errors that converted vm shows during boot are like no root found, no dev/sangoma/swap device found…

My alternative solution was to build new vm install FreePBX and restore form old vm, that still running ok. That’s why I asked about backup module.

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