Backup module not working as I expect

I am attempting to create a backup of my Primary PBX that I can restore to my Secondary PBX. Both PBXs are live, and my Polycom phones simultaneously register to both for failover/fallback.

My problem is that when the Secondary gets restored it writes sip_general_additional.conf and changes my externip to the Primary’s.

In the Backup module, I’ve tried to put /etc/asterisk/sip_general_additional.conf in the Exclude field of _ASTETCDIR but that does not exclude what I want. When I did the last restore I only chose PBX Settings, and did not check /var or /etc and it still wrote teh Primary’s externip to teh Secondary’s Asterisk SIP Settings.

I want to eventually automate this through the module so once a day I can update any changes to the teh PBX settings.


why don’t you put the settings you want to keep separate in a location not included in the backup and then simply include that file from one of your sip_*_custom.conf files ? E.g:
#include /somewhere/foo.conf