Backup in Version 1.814.210.58

Good Morning All,

I have not worked with FreePBX for quite some time and are “upgrading” a old version to 1.814.210.58. The issue is that I cannot seem to work out how to use the new backup version.

I have had a look at the module documentation but the information seems to be old and not for this version?

From what I can work out you need to somehow configure a “off site” storage server. Is there any documentation of how to do this?

Also it seems that the default configuration has some “templates” to allow you to quickly set up your backups. It seems to be some type of “drag and drop” interface. When I drag the “full backup” template across to the box labeled "drop here the template seems to not stay and goes back to the available templates.

I’m using firefox, could this be a browser issue??

Thanks for your help…