Backup , Help please

Hi All,

A newbie question :

I’m running AsteriskNow 3.0.0/Freepbx (centos 6) with latest upgrades available

I need to backup my whole asterisk/freepbx configuration in order to restore it after a full machine reinstallation (with the same Asterisk/Freepbx distro)

Understand how to backup and what to backup and where to find backup files is not so direct (path, templates, servers, DB etc.): can someone help me in this by mean of freepbx administration webpage ??

Thank you very much

I discovered the backup wiki documentation that has been very helpful,
anyway I note this behaviour :

when I create a new backup, I drag “full backup” template and drop on “backup items” windows, after selecting local storage, when I press “save” some of (my seven) “backup items” disappear , remaining only two or three
If I drag and drop again the full template and press save, now the items are five , after several tries and saving ,the items are all seven (in my case)

Every time I try to run backup with different number of items displayed, the resulting .tgz file differs in dimensions…

What’s the matter ? is it a (known) issue ??