Backup email notification only if backup fails

Is it possible to change the Backup Module in a way that it only sends an email if the backup fails?

There is a feature request for this but not currently. It is on the to-do list for a future release. As with all bugs/feature request patches are always welcome

Hi James, thanks for the answer. Is it possible to create a backup via cli / bash? then i could parse the output myself and swallow all unwanted messages.

Agreed. I don’t need to know when a backup process does its job properly, I need to know when it failed.
For now, your best bet would be a well crafted email filter to just delete the ‘success’ messages.

Agreed +1
All these backup emails are irritating. Its tempting to add an email filter and send them directly to /dev/null.
I’d be perfectly happy to drop the email confirmations altogether, and keep the informationals in the usual logs.

In general help you are, so you can generally :-

crontab -e -u asterisk

to edit the cron jobs for the user asterisk, post-pend “> /dev/null 2>&1” to the end of any job that irritates you, if the cron job doesn’t write anything to /dev/stdout or /dev/stderr there will be no email and that post-pend will guarantee that it doesn’t irritate you, it’s just how cron jobs work, BUT if you don’t monitor otherwise, you will never know . . . failed processes generally write to /dev/stderr (which is 2 here) so if you just want just errors and not stdout leave out the 2 redirection > /dev/null directly and use “2>&1 >/dev/null”

man crontab

edit: perhaps I didn’t show redirection properly, perhaps start with

This feature was implemented a while back. There is a toggle in the backup settings to set it to email on error only.

We’re still using FreePBX and can’t find this feature toggle.
Do I need to search harder in v 12, or schedule upgrade to v 13 ?
Or use simple crontab adjustment per dicko above.
More thanks

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It’s an obviously visible checkbox in freepbx13. i am pretty sure it wasn’t there in freepbx12.

The crontab is generated. This must have been 13+. You can use email filters if you do not wish to upgrade

Is it possible to add a Subject Line? as we have a few setups sending from the same email address, and it’s just impossible to know which box sent the failure email.


Not at present, but you could request the feature at