Backup, custom directory: Forces owner/group to 'asterisk'

FreePBX Distro

I added a /tftproot directory to my FreePBX server, configured ftp, and added a user for my Polycom IP phones. The phones need RW access to some files in /tftproot.

I created a freepbx_chown.conf file and blacklisted /tftproot.

I added the /tftproot directory to a FreePBX backup. When the backup is run, it appears to use tar’s --group and --owner options to change ownership of everything in /tftproot to asterisk:asterisk.

Result: I can’t use the backup file made by FreePBX to restore /tftproot because the IP phones would lose write access in /tftproot. I have to make an independent backup of /tftproot and restore from that.

I’m curious what the rationale is for forcing file ownership to asterisk:asterisk in directories that are “foreign” to FreePBX .


Suggestion: Have FreePBX Backup not modify ownership of entities blacklisted in freepbx_chown.conf.

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