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I have a production server and a warm back up running FreePBX install from stable release last December. I made some basic IVR and extension changes that I wanted to restore them to the spare.
I have run some module updates on the spare such that has some more recent versions on it.
I have successfully restored previously when module versions were matched.

This time after restore to the warm spare I had multiple modules disabled that needed downgrading. Which I did. After a few iterations, everything appeared to be running without any errors on the dashboard.

However, when I looked at my IVR and extension configurations, they were not updated.
I assume, barring some step I should have noticed, I need to have both Pbxs running the same module versions exactly?

Unless you are using the procedures from the Wiki on setting up a Warm Spare, yes the versions of all of the modules in the destination must (at this time) match the ones on the source machine. While small variations are theoretically allowable, there’s no guarantee that any differences between the systems won’t cause a problem.

Thanks Dave.
In the wiki warm spare docs - do I have to have an identical hardware build (could, Mobo, etc)?

There are several recent reports of people using hardware PBX systems and “cloud” warm spares, so I’d assume it is a working config. Unlike B&R, everything doesn’t have to be identical on a warm spare, it just has to be close enough.

Of course, you could try it and report back your success and failure. That’s one of the ways we improve the system which (even though is commercially supported by Sangoma) is still a publically supported Open Source system.

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Thank you
I’ll definitely report back.
I think my short term plan is to disc image the production server, restore to new drive, updating the modules, so both are on same versions. The backup and restore to the spare.
Then I’ll make a warm spare for going forward.
Glad I’m testing backups.

For now I initially cloned my production server’s hard drive, then used the clone to upgrade my box. (Nothing like knowing you can still go to bed ontime!)
Then I upgraded my spare.
Once both systems were both module ‘synched’, I did a backup and restore which went well except my voicemails were disabled. I have only two voicemails, so only took a moment to re-enable them.
Very pleased.
Next project will be the warm spare.

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