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Hello everyone! Now my company just start try to implement something on social media and we decide to use CURL command to help us but we are afraid after we run this command, it can make our server down and our internal phone and external phone down too. Could all of you give me the best way to backup and restore all the configuration, asterisk…etc. to make sure that there are no problems if we run this commands?
Thank you!

Take a look at the backup module.

I have already look in it but I still have some doubt relate to full backup and configuration because i don’t want to lose all configuration if any problems occur.
Thank you for your recommend!

Look through the last 50 posts or so looking for “Warm Spare”. You should get plenty of insight from that.

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SO it means if i run some CURL command in PBX server, if any problems occurs could i still backup to my last FreePBX server?

That depends on the CURL command. If you screw up the system and delete the operating system, then no. Your question belies a lack of understanding of what you are asking, so it might be a good idea to understand what you are trying to do before you try to figure out a way to fix the problems you may cause. I have no idea what you are planning on doing, but setting up a warm spare (which is a copy of your current system so that you can move your operations to it if the primary dies) is a good way to make sure you can get back to wherever you are.

Another way to do this is to create an image backup of the system and save it to another machine. As a general rule, though, the Backup and Restore that comes with FreePBX is notoriously problematic and not guaranteed to be 100%.

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