Backup and Restore with FreePBX2.9

With FreePBX 2.8 the Remote Backup Option of the Backup & Restore module worked.
I could make a change on the master server, and then run the backup job on the slave server, with the “Restore to this server” box checked. The change would appear on the slave.
I did the update to 2.9.0rc1.1 along with all the other updates for 2.9 including Backup & Restore now the process fails.
The error in /var/log/httpd/error_log
is scp: /backups/AsteriskP2-backup/ No such file or directory. Expect for the updates nothing else was changed.

I will try it, when do you expect a public release.

there’s an open ticket on this issue being worked:


If you are comfortable trying to patch code I could provide you with something that might fix it, it’s somewhat of a shot in the dark but I think it might be the issue.