Backup and Restore to standby server - extension setting problem

I know there are problems with Backing up and Restoring to a fresh (standby) server that might not have all the same modules installed ( However, there also seems to be an issue with not all Extension settings properly being set to the correct state.

I moved a backup from my production server to a new fresh standby. An extension that has Call recording set to always wasn’t calling the Post Call Recording Script. However, changing the setting to Never, reloading, changing it back to Always, reloading, caused the script to run and my recording to be set correctly.

I have a feeling there were other aspects that I had trouble with and needed to go through toggling when I setup this backup a few months ago. However, I was pushed for time so didn’t post the issue.

Hopefully someone else can confirm and then fix so (I and) others don’t have the issue in future…

Best Regards