Backup and restore to new hardware brings all its backlog of taskprocesses and phantom calls with it

I am having serious issues with my live machine having to be restarted several times a day since it stops registering new calls and throws a bunch of errors. After no available solution we decided to install the latest release of the freepbx distro on new hardware. We did a backup from the old machine and restored to the new machine.
The new machine has a different IP address and we disabled all trunks before connecting the ethernet cable.
The new machine has 0 endpoints registered and all trunks disabled yet the CLI shows the queue in some of the processes (core show taksprocesses) at over 2 mllion. “core show channels” shows 25 active calls. Also with CLI verbose of 4 the screen displasy a never ending list of call dialplans as if they were still happening.
I tried forcing a hangup on active calls with commands I found on the web, but all the hangup commands threw errors. I also attempted to expire the cache in sorcery (I assume thats where the task processes are?) but the command didnt work with “all”
What can I do to fix this? Does this mean the new installation is as broken as the past one?
We are running on a xen server virtual machine with 4 cores and 15Gb ram and only about 100 extensions, 8 trunks registered and a top of 40 active calls at any moment?
Any suggestions? how do I clean the backlog of tasks? How do I verify the machine isnt as broken as the previous before I move my commercial modules to this machine?

All of that call State is stored in the astdb of asterisk and when you restore a backup you get the full astdb restored.

Tony Lewis, so what happens now? How do I flush all that so that I can start with a new system that only has the same configuration but none of the state? Do I just wait or can I force clean those things? Otherwise, it seems I’ve brought the problem over with me to the new system.
thank you.

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