Backup and Restore to different hardware


I’ve been looking around and have not found any instructions on the Backup and Restore module. Does anyone know of any?

The module seems pretty straight-forward and I’m successfully backing up to an external FTP box and it appears I can restore any of those backups (full or in part) to the original box.

My specific situation is I want to restore to new PBX hardware. When I access the Backup and Restore module on the new blank box I see no place to import a file from the FTP. I’m trying to avoid recreating the extensions, setup, voicemail(s), and recordings.

The old box is Asterisk 1.4.24 w/FreePBX
The new box is Asterisk w/FreePBX

While I may be required to manually re-build some of the system due to version incompatibilities surely I can restore some pieces/parts.

Another option is to rebuild the new box and leave it at if that allows more of the system to be restored (the base Asterisk would still be different though). At that point then upgrade to the

Any ideas or links?

I find building a virtual server (vmware or virtualbox) is great for testing things like this.