Backup and Restore module not restoring to another build using same FreePbx & Asterisk version

I just finished building and testing my first Freepbx distro box with latest distro version and Asterisk 14.
Built a second box this weekend, updated all the modules and system. Activated both, both have one commercial module for sysadmin. No other commercial modules.
I used the FreePbx Restore feature on my second box, browsed for the FreePbx generated backup file on my windows pc, then restore. I receive no errors. It appears to complete something based on watching the bottom web browser toolbar, but no popup of success or other notices.
Rebooted the system.
It appears nothing has been restored. Any tips how to trace this?

PBX Firmware: 12.7.4-1803-1.sng7
PBX Service Pack:

My source backup items are:
Mysql config server
Mysql cdr server
Asterisk DB
Directory ampwebroot
Directory ampbin
Directory /tftpboot
Directory /ect/dahdi
Directory astvarlibdir_/moh
Directory astvarlibdir_/sounds/custom
Directory astvarlig_/sounds/*/custom

I manually transferred the backup from the source Pbx using winscp into the destination Pbx (var/spool/backup/default).
Then when I used the restore option, local source, it presented me with the expected checkboxes to determine what I wanted to restore, and a Go button. Then restore worked except I had to reconfigure the voicemail extensions in one IVR.
For some reason if I pick a restore file on my windows pc, I don’t get the Go button.

Iv’e seen this, this is likely a bug.

What iv’e done is, on the new server created and ran a local backup job, once completed i used WinSCP to browse to that new backup job folder (/var/spool/asterisk/backup/Backup Job) and copied over the backup file that i had on my PC from the other server.
Reloaded FreePBX, went again to restore and chose to restore from local storage, selected folder then the file, and bingo! it worked.

Hope that works for you…

Yes, exactly what I did after pondering it for a bit.

Took me a few minutes to type… i see now that i replied after you posted.

Anyway, i assume there’s already a bug report for that, if not, please file one:

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The error in my IVR, voicemail extensions was from not having the commercial extension module active on the destination machine. Simply had to reenter the information.
Otherwise, everything went over fine.

Entered in tracker

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