Backup and restore between 2 servers with the same version

Both running PBX in a flash (first one with, second with the latest version, both with freepbx
I don’t want to write manually all the configurations again, so what I tried is:

a. create on the old server new backup/restore point, gave an ssh credentials and checked the box “restore to this server”. nothing happened. the restore point isn’t even shown on the new server’s freepbx.
b. copy a scheduled (daily) restore point from the old comp’s hdd to the new one. now I do see the restore point in the new server’s freepbx. but when I try to restore (all or just configurations, doesn’t matter) nothing happened again. I’m pressing apply but still no new information in freepbx.

I didn’t something wrong?

Thank you.

Anyone have any idea? Maybe I can export mysql file and import to the new server?
I don’t want to break anything so I’m asking before (: