Backup and Restore 15+ issues

I have a pair of new pbxs both running (full updates as of this writing) with backup and restore in a warm spare configuration.

Backup and Restore are working. However I have found 2 things that do not copy over to the warm spare. I do not know if its a configuration option or an error.

  1. Any of the files edited with ‘config edit’. Specifically my custom dialplan in extensions_custom.conf does not appear anywhere on the warm spare.

  2. Dialed Number Manipulations Rules on Trunks also do not copy to the warm spare.

If anyone has any information on these two items I would be appreciative.


This issue has been fixed, Please check below ticket for more details.

It should work, Can you please raise a bug we will check it out.

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The Dialed Numbering issue is fixed with update this morning. Thanks

I have created ticket FREEPBX-21397 for the config edit issue.

Thank you

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