Backing up monitor files?

Hey everyone,

What’s the best way to backup monitor files? I have my system set to record every call which we love. I want to every few months back them up though since 1 month use so far is about 1.3GB. I understand the files are in /var/spool/asterisk/monitor but the problem is they don’t give much info, like they’ll say “OUT1007-20100922-095254-1285163574.1766.gsm”. Yes it shows it’s from extension 1007 on 2010 Sept 22 and I think 9:52am I’m guessing, but it doesn’t show a phone number. No idea what 1285163574 means. All calls have that, 1285163305, 1285163186, etc.

What would be the best way to back it up so that I could easily find a call in the future by the dialed or incoming phone number? Inbound calls show even less information, doesn’t even show what extension the call went to or what not so hoping for some advice.