Background Music Options Menu (custom)

Hi there,

With some changes along the way, I’ve had to add some extra code to a custom app I have that allows you to call an ext called “MUSIC” that gives you a choice of 5 different music channels.

I need to add “Set(CHANNEL(musicclass)=[MOH TITLE])” for each option… I’m just not sure how to do this with an options menu and looking for some guidance.

Here’s the code I have now that I need the code added to:

exten => 68742,1,Answer
exten => 68742,2,agi(googletts.agi,“After the Beep, press the number of the music channel you wish to listen too. Or 9 for a list of channels.”,en)
exten => 68742,3,Read(MusicCode,beep,1)
exten => 68742,4,GoTo(QueueMusic,s,${MusicCode})
exten => 68742,5,Hangup

exten => s,1,MusicOnHold(MOH 1)
exten => s,2,MusicOnHold(MOH 2)
exten => s,3,MusicOnHold(MOH 3)
exten => s,4,MusicOnHold(MOH 4)
exten => s,5,MusicOnHold(MOH 5)
exten => s,9,agi(googletts.agi,“Press 1 for MOH 1. 2 for MOH 2. 3 for MOH 3. 4 for MOH 4. 5 for MOH 5. or 9 to hear this list again.”,en)
exten => s,10,goto(from-internal-custom,68742,2)
exten => s,11,Hangup

Any help you can give will be appreciated!