Background Images


Ok, we have installed the lastest distro of FreePBX (Asterisk 11).

Would like to get a custom background image on our 6739i phones.

Reviewed the requirements:

640 x 480 pixels, 24 bit color depth. Filename “background.png”

File location: tftpboot/aastra/img

The .cfg file has this entry:

image server uri: tftp://XXX.168.1.16/aastra/img
background image: tftp://XXX.168.1.16/aastra/img/background.png

Rebooting the phones does not produce the background image: nothing changes.

I have read other posts, and some have had success via HTML, but the var/www/html/aastra/asterisk/ directrory does not exsist, and imageServer.php? script file I can’t find either.

Any words of wisdom?