Background image in Aastra 6739i

I was wondering if anyone has any suggestions.

I have Aastra 6739i phones with
Firmware Version
Firmware Release Code SIP
Boot Version
Date/Time May 28 2010 05:18:54

I am trying to get a background image to display on the idle screen.

I have the following in the Aastra.cfg in the /tftpboot

image server uri: tftp://
background image: tftp://

but when I start up the phones they do not display any background image. just a black background

I have the following set up as configuration server

Configuration Server Settings

Download Protocol TFTP
TFTP Server

Here is the rest of my Aastra.cfg file

Aastra default config file for use with XML scripts

Generated using setup-aastra-xml

Copyright © 2009 Aastra Telecom

Setup DHCP mode

dhcp: 1

Setup TFTP server address

tftp server:

SIP Proxy/Registrar

dynamic sip: 1
sip line1 user name: XXNAXX
sip line1 proxy ip:
sip line1 registrar ip:

Time server

time server disabled: 0
time server1:
time server2:

Time Zone

time zone name: US-Eastern
time zone code: EST

Date and time format

time format: 0
date format: 0


tone set: US
language 1:
language 2:
language 3:
language 4:
input language:
web language:

Localization XML Scripts

ask_tz: 0

Global Park

sprecode: asterisk;

Call forward disables

call forward disabled:1

Digit timeout

sip digit timeout: 6

GRUU and instance id not needed for Asterisk

sip gruu: 0
sip instance id: 0

Allow XML push

xml application post list:
xml get timeout: 30

Startup URI

action uri startup:

Image Server

#image server uri:

image server uri: tftp://
background image: tftp://

BLF customization

sip accept out of order requests: 1
sip blf subscription period: 600

Bypass Asterisk SIP non compliancy

sip contact matching: 2

Unlock keys on 6730i, 6731i and 6753i

prgkey1 locked: 0
prgkey2 locked: 0
prgkey5 locked: 0
prgkey6 locked: 0

Force one key

softkey1 type: xml
softkey1 label: Startup
softkey1 value:
prgkey1 type: xml
prgkey1 value:

Any help would be appreciated.

The image location on your server is currently under tftpboot but it should be placed in the html folder. Images, like the XML scripts source out of html (port 80). Move the testaastra.png to /var/www/html and alter the background image field in your phone’s cfg to point http://x.x.x.x:80/image.png. I would also recommend upgrading to the must current firmware as 3.0.1 is quite out-of-date. 3.2.2 I believe is the current release and is available for download from Aastra’s support page.

On a side note, in the future you should not publicly expose your IP address for your server. You are exponentially increasing the risk of attack or risk having a SIP trunk hijacked. I would recommend replacing the numbers with either a ‘x’ or a character to mask you IP.

    Good luck!

No the image is fine in tftpboot. That is where we put all of ours for End Point Manager and it works just fine. Sounds like a bad formatted image to me.

Sorry about the bad info there Tony. We had tried using tftp for background images a while back and had no luck. We use tftp for configuration without any issue which always seemed odd. By moving the image to the html folder we were able to make it work without incident. Not sure what the issue was on our end. I might try again in a test environment to see if we are still experiencing issues using tftp.