Backend Extension Configuration

Hi eveyone, I am new to freepbx. Recently I Installed Freepbx and it is working fine. But i want to know if we create a new extension in GUI, how it affecting in backend or under which path it is configuring. Please help me to sort out this.

waiting for your’s kind responses

With respect, and I understand that English is not your first language, please expand on what you mean by “backend” and “path” the extensions you have defined in the GUI will be apparent directly to Asterisk in /var/lib/asterisk/astdb.sqlite3 after a ‘reload’ and indirectly in various mysql tables in the “asterisk” database

Dicko Sorry for the confuse, When we configure new extension in freepbx where that effect will happen in the Asterisk. Also If we click Apply Config after the extension creation, i think one query will run in asterisk right. then only it will affected in database. i want to know what is that query.

When you do anything in FreePBX nothing happens in Astereisk until you hit the red apply bar (or fwconole reload) then any cumalative changes are

A) written to various /etc/asterisk/*.addtional.conf files

B) written out to the sqlite3 astdb dabase.

C) written out to /etc/sdterisk/voicemail.conf

Each step only if necessary.

Thank you boss

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