Back-Up and Restore problem

just updated enabled the back-up and restore module, but can’t make back-up via GUI,it just won’t work (note: FreePBX installation is not from CD, used a step by step guide online) here’s the image comparison -
please advise what module or update should i install mo make it work.


I’m using 2.10 and I’m also facing issues (on a debian Squeeze setup).

My goal at the moment, is to backup all files in /var/lib/asterisk/sounds/custom into a distant server.

Here are the steps I followed:

  1. The distant server is accessible through SSH for a local user named foo (I hand checked that). So I edited the distant server object like this:
    I typed /home/foo/.ssh/ in Key field,
    I typed the absolute path to the distant directory in which I’m planning to save backups data.
    Please, note that in my case, Asterisk and Freepbx are run by user asterisk, and not by user foo, though foo’s public key is readable to all.

  2. I edited the backup object like this:

  • I selected System Audio as Backup Template so that Backup Items list contains only one entry; /var/lib/asterisk/sounds/custom directory
  • nothing in Hooks section
  • This Server as Backup Server
  • the previously configured distant server as Storage Server
  • Backup scheduled with Custom mode.

When backup is launched using “and Run” button, then a popup shows the backup is going on but in the end, the distant server gets nothing at all.

Do you have something equivalent ?
Suggestions ?