Axis A8004-VE not registering with Free PBX

I have a Axis A8004-VE i’m setting up as a test. When I set it the settings on the device it’s showing unregistered.

I have Googled and even watched a few videos and still can’t get the device to register. what am I possibly missing?

I know nothing about this device, but in general:

  1. Confirm that you set up a pjsip extension for it. If you used chan_sip or something else, please explain.
  2. Do any entries appear in the Asterisk log when it attempts to register? If so and they are not clear to you, post them.
  3. If nothing in the log, run tcpdump to capture traffic at the PBX. If REGISTER attempts appear, the requests are likely being blocked by FreePBX firewall.
  4. If nothing appears in tcpdump, either, capture traffic at the device to see whether it’s not sending requests or your network infrastructure is blocking them.
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