Avoid Voicemeup.com

Voicemeup.com seemed to help a bit but they got a broken CallerID system, can’t support Static IPs however their voice services are pretty good. A bit pricey but with the service issues on their network with callerid and support, if they can’t help you get your solutions up and running, they don’t reply to your emails anymore unless it relates to $$$.

eg Asked him for some support on his end for static trunking issues where his switch always says the number is temporarily unavailable, no reply. Sent him a request for the ratecards for importing into my database, replied in under 15 minutes at the same email.

You can guess what I am doing with my remaining 5$ credits.

I use VoiceMeUp.com as VoIP provider since more than one year now with my Trixbox server now and I can’t say that I never had problems, it’s still VoIP, but the overall is better that any other providers I’ve tried in the past.

I also had problems to properly connect at first, but they have being very helpful assisting me with my configuration. They also mentioned me that some consultation fees may apply to fix my last configuration glitches. I had problems to understand why I would need to spend money, they want my business or not? But at a certain point, even If I have few years of experience with Trixbox, and it always being working in the past, there are so many PBX software versions and so much networking issues that could inflict on the result that I cannot hold them responsible if I’m not hiring a local experimented VoIP technician for my own setup.

I also found other forums mentioning about a possible CallerID problem, If there was, It’s surely fixed since a while, I use their termination for as much Nord-American than International calls and in both cases it works perfectly.