Avoid unwanted and annoying self installation of Modules

Hey folks,
I’ve now removed or disabled unwanted Modules, like the ones I don’t have licensed or Hardware related (Digium) several times over the past two years.
When pressing Update All in the Module Manager they become selected (“Download and Enable”) which is annoying itself, because the Update All Button is effectively useless then. That, however can be worked around, but every time I use the update script for the distro it installs those as well which makes me kind of furious :grimacing: having seen that a couple of times now.
Am I just using it wrong or is this simply a bug in the module updater?:thinking:

As far as I remember from distro 6, having REMOVED the unwanted module(s) usually works - one had to select ‘show only updateable’ tickbox to only show ‘true’ updates. THis should be true in distro 10/FPBX 13 (I’m only just in distro 10, and yes it seems to be a ‘feature’ that it installed all commercial ones all over again while upgrading)

Modules that are installed and disabled will remain disabled during any Module Admin or Distro updates.

That wasn’t the case for me, 'cause last time I used the module admin an clicked “Update All” it even selected some (“Update to x.x.x and Enable”) which were disabled. So according to your intel, this is a bug then?

It’s not really a bug. However there is a feature request to track uninstalled modules so they don’t get reinstalled.

It works as expected in FreePBX 13. This is what an out of date, disabled module looks like when I click ‘Upgrade all’ in the GUI:

@Andrew Nagy, +1 here if you’re taking votes!

It’s a pain and a waste to reinstall and keep disabled those modules or reinstall modules deleted/removed whether doing distro upgrades or module updates.


OK so the thing was, I (and I gather @johnjces) have been REMOVING unused modules. I know I have, in FPBX I migrated from. then after upgrade I found ALL commercial modules reinstalled themselves again. (that apparently wasn’t the case when I was just running the distro 6 update scripts as far as I remember)

EDIT so I just went through the upgrade path from 10.13.66-1 to 10.13.66-12 and the first thing the 10.13.66-2 upgrade script did, was to… reinstall all modules that were uninstalled. Will be disabling them from now on…

Or would it help to keep them uninstalled, if they were first disabled and then uninstalled, maybe ?

Yes that has been the selected option for some of the modules, but not all. I may still have a vm snapshot before the last module update, I’ll try to replicate this when I’m in the office again.

I have tested an old snapshot and can confirm that the affected modules where not installed indeed, however ‘locally available’. So basically this means if somebody doesn’t want modules reinstalled (s)he needs to just disable them (I think thats working properly then :ok_hand:). So I definitely agree to the idea of implementing tracking of uninstalled modules, in order to block them from self installing. :spy: