Avaya VM Pro modules in Freepbx

(Leo) #1

Good afternoon everyone!
I am looking to move our call center from Avaya to free pbx.
For every DID we have a dedicate Voicemail Module that, based on different time conditions, plays different wavs to then go to a queue.

I give you a current scenario currently on Avaya.

Incoming DID --> VM:2802GR (Voicemail Module called 2802GR)
First check is a time condition called Florida

1 Match --> Plays Florida.wav then I need it to play 2802 closed
2 No match then second time condition: 2802

1 match --> 2802 lunch then queue
2 no match --> 2802 closed then queue

My first question is:
if a ‘Florida’ condition is met and the Florida.wav is played… how can I then go back to and play 2802?

Considering I have 350 different modules I was hoping to use only 1 Florida.wav for every module

Hope this makes sense.

(Dave Burgess) #2

This looks like something that you’d want to write to pull data from a database (ASTDB being a likely victim) and route your calls appropriately. There have been a couple of custom contexts written in the past couple of years for other places with hundreds of DIDs. I’m sure one of them will do the trick.

Basically, your context would track the inbound DID, store the extension, and play whatever you want to preface the drop into VM with. By driving it in data, you minimize the amount of code and improve the scalability.

(Leo) #3

Thank you Dave,
not what I was hoping.
Leaving VM aside (I think Avaya cold be confusing as the IVRs are set on VM pro) , is there a way to play a wav (florida.wav) and then go back to the another recording?

(Itzik) #4

As far as I understood, you want the following:

All or multiple DIDs should play florida.wav if a specific time condition is true and then go their respective call flow. Is that correct?

If so, then it should be very easy to do with a little custom context.

If all DIDs, then just set the incoming Trunk context to your custom dialplan, check if said time condition is true and play them florida.wav, and finally goto the official incoming trunk context.

However, if you want to play it not on every DID then you’ll need some record somewhere that the dialplan can look up and make a decision based on that.

That’s the easy way around it.

The hard way, would be to create all these records in the GUI.
Luckily, Inbound Routes can be imported via a CSV. So that makes things a little easier.

(Leo) #5

Thank you Pitzkey.
A bunch to Florida.wav, another bunch to Texas and so on…
I will check the option but seeing how new I am to this it might take me a while…
Do you know of any tutorials I could check out?