Avaya to FreePBX - D-channel in service, B-channels OOS/FE-PINS

I have an Avaya G3si, release 7 connected to FreePBX via a cross-over cable attached to an integrated CSU on a TN464 DS1 card. The d-channel is in service, however, the b-channels are showing out of service/far end (Asterisk.

I have an exact setup between Avaya (CM4.1) and Free PBX in another location and all is fine. I have set up the same systems exactly but for some reason I cannot get the b-channels in service.

Avaya config is:

display ds1 Page 1 of 2

        Location: 01C18                           Name:  
        Bit Rate: 1.544                    Line Coding: b8zs     

Line Compensation: 1 Framing Mode: esf
Signaling Mode: isdn-pri
Connect: network
CentreVu Long Timers? n Country Protocol: 1
Interworking Message: PROGress Protocol Version: a
Interface Companding: mulaw CRC? n
Idle Code: 11111111
DCP/Analog Bearer Capability: 3.1kHz

  Slip Detection? y                 Near-end CSU Type: integrated

display signaling-group 5 Page 1 of 5

Group Number: 5
Associated Signaling? y Max number of NCA TSC: 0
Primary D-Channel: 01C1824 Max number of CA TSC: 0
Trunk Group for NCA TSC:
Trunk Group for Channel Selection: 6
Supplementary Service Protocol: a

display trunk-group 6 Page 1 of 10

Group Number: 6 Group Type: isdn CDR Reports: y
Group Name: COR: 1 TN: 1 TAC: 704
Direction: two-way Outgoing Display? n
Dial Access? n Busy Threshold: 99 Night Service:
Queue Length: 0
Service Type: tie Auth Code? n TestCall ITC: rest
Far End Test Line No:
TestCall BCC: 4
Codeset to Send Display: 6 Codeset to Send National IEs: 6
Max Message Size to Send: 260 Charge Advice: none
Supplementary Service Protocol: a Digit Handling (in/out): enbloc/enbloc

        Trunk Hunt: cyclical
                                               Digital Loss Group: 13

Calling Number - Delete: Insert: Numbering Format:
Bit Rate: 1200 Synchronization: async Duplex: full
Disconnect Supervision - In? y Out? n
Answer Supervision Timeout: 0

Free PBX Config:

; Zapata telephony interface
; Configuration file

trunkgroup => 1,24
spanmap => 1,1,0


channel => 1-23

Autogenerated by /usr/local/sbin/genzaptelconf – do not hand edit

Zaptel Configuration File

This file is parsed by the Zaptel Configurator, ztcfg

It must be in the module loading order

Span 1: WCT1/0 “Wildcard TE122 Card 0” (MASTER)


Global data

loadzone = us
defaultzone = us

What am I missing? Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Just to let you know that I have this up and running. All the config blogs to set up communication link between Avaya and Asterisk states to use a TN464 DS1 card on the Avaya side. I decided to try my luck and put in a TN767 DS1 card. As soon as I reconfigured for that card, all the B-channels came up in service and idle. I was able to make calls between the 2 systems.
Go figure.
Thanks for replying back to this post. I appreciate your help.

Try changing the switchtype first and see where that gets you.

It’s probably some permissions issue on your zaptel.conf, try the chmod command. You may have to login as root.

Thanks, I am not able to change the span from 1,1,9=9, esf,b8zs, it states “write failed” when I submit.

Try setting switchtype=national and possibly signalling=pri_cpe and maybe even span=1,0,0,ESF,B8ZS in your zaptel.conf. Don’t remember what the numbers mean in the span= settings though. Depends on which one supplies the timing signels I think.

I’m running asterisk with dahdi not zaptel on this box.

From my chan_dahdi_groups.conf connected to a telco t. As I recall there wasn’t really too much of a difference when I had a Lucent switch at my location.

; [span_1]