Avaya Cloud Office

We have been using Freepbx for the last 7-8 years at my company and overall I am very impressed and it works great, but our upper management is really after me about doing something different and they have proposed Avaya cloud office. from what I can tell Avaya does mostly the same things but it has this cloud app installed on the desktop, or smartphone that allows it to be seamless integration and allows the user to manage his/her extension, and allows management to manage multiple extensions. Does FreePBX offer anything like this, I’m familiar with the ZULU app and it does some of the things but nothing on the same level… please help me save my FreePBX install I worked really hard to get this product here and setup, and I just don’t want to let it go. but I need similar functionality. Thank you in advance.

SangomaConnect is the replacement for Zulu.

But I think you got this a bit wrong. It looks to me that the Avaya app is designed for end-users AND supervisors or managers. VS SangomaConnect is designed for end-user tasks only.
If you want monitoring/reporting control you would have to install something like FOP2/Asternic CC Stats etc.

Most boses usually go crazy for cool graphs… So setup a limited FOP2 and request a free CC Stats trial. Lol

FusionPBX has a lot of this function builtin also, (but it isn’t Asterisk based neither is Avaya Cloud, it uses FreeSwitch and is quite cheap in $ , not hrs though)

thanks, that’s why I’m asking for suggestions from you guys, I’ve only dealt with Asterisk solutions and would like to keep it. but looking for suggestions on products that add the functionality to asterisk.

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