Avaya Asterisk Integration

We have Avaya and Asterisk Platform. I can send calls from Avaya to Asterisk, but I would like to share what happened on the Avaya side. It looks like I can pass the UCID from Avaya on the trunk group, but I am not sure how to get it. Once I have the UCID as a variable in Asterisk, I can query Avaya for the rest of the call data.

I assume it is in the SIP header. If it is, is there an easy way to pull and store pieces of SIP header it as a variable for a calls?

I know this crosses a few platforms, but thought I would start here since I usually get good responses here.

Thanks for any guidance.

I do 99% of my signalling debug with sngrep, installed installable by default on the 14 Distro. Fire it up and look at the inbound invites.

On FreePBX SNG7, but getting “-bash: sngrep: command not found”

yum install sngrep
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