Avaya 9630 MWI

Moved from Avaya IP office to Freepbx. I was able to get our older Avaya 9630 phones to work with Freepbx (version 13). I only have one little annoyance that I can not figure out. The Message Waiting light will not work. Have read forums and most of the info I could on the web, but nothing seems to work. Anyone able to get the MWI working?

Please help with steps how you got it to work I seem not to be getting it work with freepbx

I never did get the Message Waiting light to work. Our workaround was to have an email sent went the extension receives a message.

If BLF hints are working, you could program a BLF on extension 101 with *98101 and the BLF will change when there are new vms.

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