Availability for DC201?

Does anyone know when the Sangoma DC201 will available to purchase?

Ok I work for Sangoma and I have no clue what that is. Please enlighten me.

Its the Sangoma Dect Phone (Cordless)

Ahh ok. Ya that model you specified above is not a valid model number hence why I was confused. We are in Beta currently with select customers and General Availability and Stock is expected early Jan 2019.

Thank You

Actually I stand corrected. That is the model of the combo kit of Base Station and Handset. But yes GA will be Jan for it.

Is there any documentation available yet? Is the base station POE. Can multiple base stations be utilized in a large facility? Phones roam from one base station to another? Seamless call handoff?

This model is a single base station with upto 20 handsets connected to it and no its not PoE. Later next year we will have a multi cell system that lets you mesh roam across the base stations.

Fantastic News! Can’t wait to see/have info on the Multi Cell System. We are currently suffering with some old Uniden DECT phones that work, but have issues. We love our Sangoma Desk phones, and will be very interested in buying more Sangoma hardware.

I hope you meant Jan 2018
We are really waiting for this. Wasn’t it already for display at AstriCon?

Can’t wait to test the new Sangoma DECT Phones.
Do you plan to offer DECT Repeaters for the DC201 System?

Would be the perfect Solution for our Cloud PBX Customers.
DECT Handsets → TLS/SRTP → 5X D10 Handsets G.722 → Repeater to have some extra range. :heart_eyes:

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@tonyclewis Do you have any updates on this? Is the multi cell system with POE base unites and handset roaming ready yet? We are waiting on this functionality from Sangoma to upgrade our aging Uniden EXP1240 DECT system.

So I’m guessing as others have said that you probably meant of 2018 that or the product was released earlier than expected as its for sale from what I can see online?

However my more important question is, is there any status on the multi cell system?

@tonyclewis Has there been any movement on the multicell system? We Really need roaming with multi cell, and POE base stations with 150-300ft range.