Automation of Targetlists/pricelists processing

Dear Sirs,

Price List Manager (PLM) is a tool that allows automation and making more efficient
your routine operations related to pricelists management.

It’s perfectly normal providers get tens pricelists/targetlists/updates
every week and manual handling of them is hardly possible nowadays.
Wholesalers should spend days and engage more managers to find most
attractive rates to buy among reams of pricelists and the best rates
among targetlists to sell. This all can be done automatically!
You load number of pricelists and targetlists and set desired margin level.
Software calculates all possible matches for buy/sell business in minutes.

Key features of PLM Utility:

  • Pricelists/Targetlists Management 
  • Calling Prefixes management / Vocabulary 
  • Uniforming different Pricelist formats 
  • Simple/Sophisticated Pricelist Compare 
  • All possible route BUY/SELL matches retrieval 
  • Best Cost Routing table calculation based on 10 parameters 
  • Least Cost Routing calculation 
  • 6 algorithms of Routing table optimization 
  • Multicurrency 
  • Routing table export to Mera MVTS, Excel, CSV or other formats 

Here is a link on video presentation:

You can download free fully functional 30-days trial version of Price List
Manager here

You are welcome to contact us for more information
or trial request by email: [email protected]