Automatically parking an incoming call

Does the park pro module allow to automatically park an incoming call ? A customer is asking for this. For now, we are using a “Misc Destination” with code 70, but the caller hears the parking slot he’s put in (“7” “1”, “7” “2”)

There are some additional parking feature codes with park pro, but i don’t expect them to work any differently than what you’re doing now. It sounds to me like you want a queue for this, not a parking lot.

Yeah it will probably end up being a queue, but the customer wanted the calls to be parked automatically so he could pick them up using Parking BLFs on the phone.

If you are prepared to go outside the GUI, there are options on the Park() application, to which 70 will lead, to suppress the number announcement. I don’t know if 70 does anything other than call Park(), with appropriate parameters.

Going outside the gui with some code in the extensions_custom.conf can facilitate what you want. You can examine the parkandannounce() or park() dial plan functions. I use parkandannounce() to notify that a call has arrived and is parked. This function is similar to what some pharmacies use to notify a call holding.

Keep in mind that anyone can pick up the parked calls and if others are using call park, their calls could be on the park buttons your customer is looking at. That could get confusing unless you set up additional parking lots (which are available in Asterisk but not accessible from FreePBX core without buying additional modules.)

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