Automatically Dial a Sequence at the End of the Day

Hello! I am trying to make my FreePBX call forward when our office is closed. We are using copper wire through a Sangoma card. I just tried setting up a custom destination. It functionally works OK (the calls are forwarded), but it the quality is very poor - a lot of clicking and static.

Intermediate step: I configured an outbound route that recognizes 234*73 and restricted it to our published phone number. I don’t want folks dialing back on the other phone numbers to get stuck in our IVR, so I have those lines going to a message that tells callers to call the right number (via a Call Flow Control).

What I would like: Can I tell (easily) tell the system to dial a set of numbers on all outbound lines at 5:30 PM so the calls are forwarded before they hit my system, and then another set at 7:30 AM when we open?

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