Automatically adding extensions to AD-users

Hi everybody,

I am new to FreePBX and can’t seem to find a good solution for next problem.
I’m using FreePBX 13.0 with Asterisk 13.12 on Ubuntu.
I am setting up a VoIP system in a medium-sized business. To keep their single-sign-on available it is necessary to import the Windows AD-users and automatically add extensions. Importing these users is very easy and done quickly but I can’t seem to find a way to automatically add extensions to them.
Maybe someone knows a way to script this or maybe I need a module or something?
Can anyone help me ?

I’m trying to set-up a FreePBX system that is as user-friendly as possible inside this business. I want the possibility to create a user in the business’ Windows AD. But they also need to be able to login to different phones when they switch desks. Maybe there is an other way to create users with custom extensions using another module or something ?
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Bulk Handler might be able to handle this.

@jfinstrom is the BH Guru - maybe you can describe what you are currently doing and see if BH can handle the rest.

I thought with Ad you can define custom mappings for things like usermanager. @tm1000 would know best.