Automatic Transfer call to external phone

Hello everyone, sorry for my english but I translate from Italian with google. I explain the problem: I created an IVR with 3 choices. The third choice you have to connect the call to an external phone. But I can not do it. I can reroute the call on an extension, of a message on a group … etc … but I can not transfer it to an external phone. How do I fix?

Set up a Miscellaneous Destination with the cell phone number as the destination. Send the IVR to either the Miscellaneous Destination or (if the Caller ID gets lost) send it to “SetCallerID” first, then send that to your Miscellaneous Destination.

Thanks Solution. I did all the steps you showed me, but it still does not work.
He answered a female voice that says a not quite comprehensible sentence. I think I miss a step. What is a missing?.
I did the sequence:

inbound Routes-
key 1- ad
key 2- voicemail
key 3- caller id - misc destination

If the destination mobile number is 3442211321, I have to add the country code? How do I link it to outbonde route to start calling outside?

What you could do is create a Ring Group and set the number there for outbound dialing. Do the following:

1: Go to Applications > Ring Groups
2: Create a new Ring Group and name something appropriate.
3: Under Extension List add the number to the list with a # sign to signify it’s going to be an external call. Since you want to use 3442211321 all you should have to do is enter the number as you would dial it from your desk phone with the # at the end as you said before i.e. 3442211321#
4: Save the Ring Group and Apply your settings.
5: Set the option on your IVR key 3 as you have listed above.
6: Test it out.


Still it does not work, telling me to check the number. It all seems ok, I also put the #. I tried ring groups with the same result. I do not understand where is the problem. If I call with Zoiper configured with the extension to call works well, but if I want to transfer it freezes. Can there be any code to be entered?

-thank you all for the replies

and if the key 3 IVR instead of trying to call forwarding to reach a phone, I try to put un’extension putting optionally the destination mobile phone number followed by #?