Automatic Bridging Calls

Greetings. I would like to know if it’s possible to create an automatic conference room using the Bridge() app. This is what I want to do: when a user XX calls the number YYY, automatically some extensions are called and bridged all: the caller and the callings parties. This will need some code stuff but I’m still thinking how to start. Any ideas?

Also, is Asterisk capable of automatically calling 2 numbers and bridging them together by itself ?


Sure. Nothing to it.

And that means …

You can do almost everything you described using call files, so having the person in question click a link to start the conference call makes life easy.

Still, what I’m asking is hard to do? :sweat_smile:

Nope. Set up your “app” to write a series of callfiles into the server. It will then call in to each of the phones and connect them to the conference of your choosing.

You can initiate the same thing with a custom dial plan that instantiates a PERL/PHP script to create the files.

Ok, could this do it?

exten => 098/1001,1,ConfBridge()
exten => 09200200173/1001,2,Dial(local/[email protected],20)
exten => 09200200144/1001,3,Dial(local/[email protected],20)
exten => 098,4,Answer()

Another idea I have is to transfer the calls to a conference room,one by one after the pickup ,but i don’t know to do it coding here in the extensions_custom.conf

What about ChannelRedirect?

I found this, which seems very similar I asked.

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Something like that is certainly possible, but you’ll need to get the syntax correct for it to work that way. Try it from the CLI by using an ORIGINATE command and see if you can get included in the conference that way.

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