Automatic answerer without voice mail

I need to configure an extension in order that

  • the caller, after a few seconds, hears a recorded greeting.
  • The greeting is a custom message recorded by me.
  • When the message has been played, the call must be immediately dropped without recording any message.

Is it possible, and how, to upload a custom greeting (e.g. mp3)?
How can I setup the FTP and where the mp3 should be saved?
Is it possible, and how, to drop the call after the greeting, without recording any message?


Upload a ‘system recording’, send the Extensions DID (Inbound Route) to it.

Thank you! I have followed the instructions and it works perfectly.

Just one more question. The message is played almost immediately. I would like it to ring 5-6 seconds before playing the message. Where can I configure the ring time?

‘Pause before answer’ on the advanced tab of the inbound route

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Perfect. It works.

I am not sure if the rules of the forum request to open a separate thread…
I would wish also know what should be the configuration, in case I want to record a message after the custom message. In this case I think that I should use the voicemail menu of the extension instead of the system recording, but I don’t see a field to upload the mp3.

You can send the call to a voicemail box after playimg the recording

Where can I implement this setting? In the inbound route or in the system recording object?
In the inbound route I can select only one destination.

Let’s be clear here. You cannot put a user into the voicemail system, play the greeting and then hangup the call. That’s never going to work, you put in in the voicemail system they will be able to leave a message. Also, since it appears that answer calls is a huge issue with you putting them in voicemail will answer the call.

If your goal is to play a recording to a caller and then send the caller to another destination, that is done with the Announcements module:

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