Automated Faxing With a Logo


I am using customer inputs from an inbound call to generate a .txt file to send to another group via fax.

•Caller input captured in channel variables
•Channel variables written to ${UNIQUEID}.txt file
•${UNIQUEID}.txt file converted to ${UNIQUEID}.ps file (enscript)

•${UNIQUEID}.ps file converted to ${UNIQUEID}.tiff file (ghostscript)

•${UNIQUEID}.tiff file sent to fax machine using Faxsend.

This all works, but it looks really plan, just the text from the original .txt file. We were hoping to be able to add a logo to the top right to make the fax appear more professional.

Does anyone have any ideas on how we might be able to make this happen? Thanks for your help!

Any script you use is limited by itself, you might want to look at hylafax as an intermediary. It can do all you want and more, and you have it on your local machine, no network vagaries needed, but will take a little RTFM though, you need to provide a virtual ‘modem’ look to t38modem for greateffect, iaxmodem for an easier but limited solution.


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