Automated emails for high CPU usage?

Is there something built in like with the disk space notifications where I can get the PBX to send an alert when other resources are being maxed out? Thanks.

If you diligently read your emails, then installing logwatch can inform you of upcoming problems.

If you want a more instantaneous solution

if [[ $(df --output=pcent /|tail -1|tr -d '%') -ge 90 ]];then echo -e "Watch out\n\n$(df / -h )"| mail -s "Problem" [email protected];fi

as a cron job works

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I dont, but if it’s in the subject line that makes things easier. Thanks for the reply, will put it in a crontab and see how it goes.

Sample it from a shell first

Not built in and requires a bit of setup and some infrastructure but we are running Zabbix for all of our FreePBX and PBXact installs and it’s the most important piece of supporting infrastructure that we have in our ecosystem. We’d be completely blind without it.

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