Automated calls for office closings

I am looking for a solution to auto call employees in the event of a storm which causes the office to close. I do understand that there is a commercial module available to do this type of thing, but for the couple of time a year that I use it, I’m hoping to find a more economical solution.

Any suggestions are appreciated.

Thank you.

How do you do this now? Just the hassle of having to call people seems worth it.

If all you want is notification there are commercial systems available but they will be more than the cost of Page Pro. $95 seems very economical when you really look at the cost of what you want to do. For $95 you get:

  1. Free phone system.
  2. Free support on these forums.
  3. Don’t have to spend your time developing something.
  4. Put food in the hungry mouths of the children of the people that spend countless hours developing this software.

For 26 cents a day you get all of the above.

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